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most improved bar passage rate in the country for Class of 2022 first-time takers according to ABA numbers listed in preLaw Magazine.


out of 10 Ohio-area law schools in employment in bar pass required and J.D. advantage positions for the Class of 2022


out of 10 Ohio-area law schools in bar passage for July 2022 first-time takers

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The University of Dayton School of Law was one of two law schools in the country to see a more than 50% increase in applications in 2022.



See what makes the University of Dayton School of Law a special place to earn your law degree.

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See what makes the University of Dayton School of Law a special place to earn your law degree.

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    See what our students say about their time in law school and learn more about what you can expect.

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    See how you can save time and money by getting your law degree in only two years.

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    See how our Online Hybrid J.D. combines live online classes and interactive coursework with week-long learning experiences on campus.

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    Human Rights Collaborative

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    Discover how you can be in the next generation of lawyer-leaders with our Leadership Honors Program.

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    See how you can be at the forefront of the law and technology with our cutting-edge courses.

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    Training Programs


    Designed to help onboard scientific researchers and contracting officers across the research, technology and defense industries, this online training teaches the knowledge and skills necessary for protecting intellectual property and securing data rights.

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    Law 07.20.20
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    The scholarship will carry on Logothetis’ legacy of giving back to the community and helping young lawyers.

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    Law 06.22.20
    Dayton Law Number One In The Country In Bar Passage Improvement

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    University of Dayton School of Law, Air Force Research Laboratory create online intellectual property training program

    The University of Dayton School of Law and the Air Force Research Laboratory, headquartered at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, have created an online training program for government employees working in labs to learn how to prevent the loss of intellectual property and data rights that are vital to economic and national security.

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    Law 06.15.20
    Dayton Law Second in Ohio in Job Numbers

    The University of Dayton School of Law continues to show strong results when it comes to graduates getting jobs.

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    Law 06.08.20
    Letter to the UDSL Community on Racial Justice

    Law School Dean Andrew Strauss calls on the UDSL Community to come together to promote racial justice.

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    Law 05.18.20
    Dayton Law Alumni Step Up To Help Out Students During Pandemic

    Alumni are providing a large number of internship opportunities for students this summer.

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    Law 04.06.20
    Court In The Time Of Coronavirus

    Two University of Dayton School of Law students took part in their first ever oral argument by phone at the Ohio Second District Court of Appeals.

    Law 02.13.20
    Dayton Law Among Best Schools for African Americans

    The University of Dayton School of Law was rated 14th in the country for African Americans by preLaw Magazine in its Winter 2022 issue.

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    Law 09.17.19
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    Law student Zion Savory walked away from his summer internship with more than just legal experience.

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    Law 05.01.19
    Where a Law Degree Can Take You

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